The list below shows noteworthy events in the history of the Church of Saint Peter in Chains.

31 May 2015

Canon Matt celebrated fifty years of priesthood.

31 May 2009

Galloway Voices sang at the midday Mass.

31 May 1970

Father Patrick Smith was ordained.

31 May 1963

As was common at that time, there was a May Procession in the Church grounds.

30 May 2009

This photo of the Church was taken.

28 May 1988

Roy Aitken, on the left, of Celtic Football Club and Scotland declared the Sale of Work open. Beside him was Michael McCulloch.

27 May 2013

Thursday Club members and friends were on a five day holiday in Fort William and the west coast of Scotland.

25 May 1958

Ardrossan's new Provost, parishioner Jimmy Dorrian and his Council attended Mass in Saint Peter's during which there was a ceremony known as the 'Kirkin' o' the Cooncil'.

The people in the above photo are named here.

The people in the above photo are named here.

The people in the above photo are named here.

The people in the above photo are named here.

25 May 1929

Father Gerald Muir was born.

24 May 1997

More steelwork in the Parish Centre had been erected.

21 May 1997

Some steelwork in the Parish Centre had been erected.

20 May 2018

This photo of the Chains and Keys in the Parish Centre was taken.

19 May 2008

Canon Matt dedicated the John Dolan Memorial Seat in the Holm Plantation, Ardrossan.

19 May 1997

The foundations of the Parish Centre had been laid.

16 May 1981

Stephen McGrattan made his First Holy Communion. Twenty-two years later, he was ordained a priest.

15 May 2016

On Pentecost Sunday, the Embracing Change group arranged the Emmaus Walk from Saint Mary's Church, Saltcoats to Saint Peter's.

13 May 2006

This photo of the Presbytery was taken during its construction.

10 May 2006

Father Matt McManus led Time for Reflection at the Scottish Parliament.

3 May 2008

Männerensemble unerhört, a choir from Osterspai in Germany, sang at the 5.30pm Vigil Mass.

3 May 1892

Father William McBurnie was born.

2 May 1993

This photo of organist Stephen McGrattan was taken. Ten years later, he was ordained a priest.

29 April 2018

Father Duncan and Saint Peter's parishioners joined in Rosary on the Coast.

25 April 2008

Father Matt McManus was installated as a Member of the Cathedral Chapter.

24 April 1921

Father William McBurnie was ordained in the Seminary Chapel in Rome.

21 April 2004

This photo of the old Church Hall was taken.

19 April 1960

Moira Donnelly took her vows in Rome as a nun with the Society of the Sacred Heart. Moira is the sister of our parishioner, Jim Donnelly.

19 April 2011

The Requiem Mass for Father Gabriel Kigozi was celebrated. Father Gabriel's family asked for photographs.

12 April 2001

The Blessed Sacrament Chapel was opened.

12 April 2011

Father Gabriel Kigozi died.

11 April 2005

Following the fire of 2 July 2004 in which Father Michael Lynch was killed, demolition of the Presbytery began.

8 April 2012

Saint Peter's parishioners joined Canon Matt and members of other churches at the Easter Sunday Sunrise Service.

7 April 1997

Construction of the Parish Centre started.

4 April 1965

Father John Walls celebrated Mass on Passion Sunday.

3 April 1965

Matthew Francis McManus was ordained at the Good Shepherd Cathedral in Ayr.