At most weekend Masses, announcements are made to inform the congregation of forthcoming events. Since the introduction of the bulletin on 18 December 1960, the
need for verbal announcements has reduced but noteworthy events are still highlighted. Extracts from the Announcements Books between 1952 and 1966 are given below.

28 December 1952
Feast of the Holy Innocents
  The Novena to Our Lady of Fatima will be on Friday at 7.00 pm.
Thursday is New Year's Day and is a Holiday of Obligation. Masses are at 8, 9.30 and 11.30 am with Benediction after the last Mass.
The Men Collectors will kindly visit their districts today and bring their collections along after Devotions.
The Parochial Reunion will be held in the Town Hall at 7.00 pm on Tuesday.
4 January 1953
Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus
  There will be Confessions after Devotions on Saturday from 5.00 to 8.00 pm.

18 January 1953
Third Sunday after Epiphany
  The Parochial Reunion realised the sum of £17-5-1.
All parishioners are invited to attend a meeting in Del Greco's, Princes Street, this evening after Devotions. A good attendance is
requested at this meeting to organise a Whist Drive in aid of the Nursing Sisters.
1 March 1953
Second Sunday in Quadragesima
  Saint Anne's Guild will meet as usual on Tuesday.
There will be a meeting of the Knights of Saint Columba this evening in Saltcoats.
31 May 1953
First Sunday after Pentecost
  A Procession of the Blessed Sacrament will take place next Sunday in the Church grounds,
weather permitting.
If the bus to Dunfermline is filled, the cost will be about 11/- per person. Those who wish to go
will give their names to the Parish Representatives after Mass.

23 August 1953
Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost
  Father McBurnie has died. Requiem Mass for the repose of his soul will take place tomorrow at 10.00. His funeral will take place in
Dumfries on Tuesday morning after 11.30 am Mass in the Cathedral. He will be buried in Dumfries Cemetery.
4 October 1953
Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost
  Catholic Young Men's Society meets in the Lesser Hall at 3.00 pm today.

8 January 1956
Feast of the Holy Family
  The Children of Mary Sodality meets today after the last Mass.
The name of the school has been changed to Saint Peter's Roman Catholic Junior Secondary School . This information was received
through the courtesy of the Headmaster.
29 January 1956
Septuagesima Sunday
  Thursday is the feast of the Purification of Our Blessed Lady or Candlemas. Candles are blessed for Church use before 9.00 am Mass
and distributed. Candles may be donated for the Altar or home on payment of 1/-. Money and names should be given to the door
2 June 1956
Second Sunday after Pentecost
  The Clergy wish to compliment the parents and especially the mothers of the First Communicants, boys as well as girls, for the
excellent attire of the children. The whole scene made a most delightful picture. No doubt, the innocent souls made a spiritual scene
every bit as pleasing to God.
22 July 1956
Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
  The Parish Magazine is to be had at the Church door.
The Sale of Work has come and gone. So, also, thank God, have all the goods. Readers of the local press will know the amount
collected, namely, £320. Great thanks are due to the members of the Parochial Committee for assembling the goods which brought
in that sum. Special thanks must be paid to those who came to the Sale in spite of the most unfavourable weather and also to those
who came on Monday evening. Those who came did not stint themselves in their purchases.
Enrolment in the Brown Scapular takes place before this evening's Devotions.
7 April 1957
Passion Sunday
  Forty Hour Prayer begins at last Mass and continues without break - day or night - till Tuesday at 10.00 am. There are lists at the
Church door. Anyone may come at any time but must be present for the time chosen. The front door of the Church will be closed
at 9.00 pm on Sunday and Monday. Entry will be by the side door until 7.30 am.
19 May 1957
Fourth Sunday after Easter
  The conditions for receiving Holy Communion are no solid food for three hours and no liquids for one hour before Mass.
You are once again reminded that Easter Duties must be done now.
26 May 1957
Fifth Sunday after Easter
  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week are Rogation Days. God's blessing is invoked on growing crops. The Litany of the
Saints will be recited before 7.30 am Mass. Have your books with you. The prayers will begin about 7.25 am.
7 July 1957
Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
  The Relics of Saints Peter and Paul will be exposed for veneration from after last Mass until Devotions at 5.30 pm. These Relics,
now the personal property of Monsignor Power, were the personal property of Pope Saint Pius the Tenth. Outside Rome, there is
nothing to equal this astounding possession.
1 December 1957
First Sunday of Advent
  Your generous donations to the Muirkirk Disaster will be gathered today at all Masses.
Nineteen miners at the Kames Colliery, Muirkirk were killed in an explosion on 19 November 1957. Details can be seen here.
9 November 1958
Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
  We take the opportunity of complimenting the Choir on their singing of the Solemn Te Deum last Sunday. A great deal of care and
practice had obviously been given to the preparation of this difficult chant.
Tuesday is the sixth anniversary of Bishop McGee's consecration. All should pray on thta day for the welfare of the Bishop and the
Diocese given to his care.
11 January 1959
Feast of the Holy Family

Miss Elizabeth McKay, former Infant Mistress of Saint Peter's School, has donated a Statue of Saint Anne.


21 June 1959
Fifth Sunday after Pentecost
  Saint Anne's Guild proposes giving the Church a cleaning on Wednesday of this week. Any woman, even though not a Guild member,
will be welcome either at 2.00 pm or 6.00 pm.
21 February 1960
Sexagesima Sunday
  Today at all Masses, by order of His Lordship the Bishop, a special prayer of thanksgiving will be said for the Royal Birth.
Prince Andrew was born on 19 February 1960.
11 December 1960
Third Sunday of Advent
  As a result of last year's Covenants, the sum of £84-6-4 was paid back to the Parish which almost paid this year's rates. Very many
thanks to all those who took the trouble to sign their names. May this result inspire many more to follow this good example.
10 September 1961
Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost
  If you are of the opinion that the Bulletin gives a good service, would you please assist in its payment? There is a large iron box in
the porch for donations.
22 October 1961
Twenty-Second Sunday after Pentecost
  A beginning will be made this evening with the monthly meetings of the Sacred Heart Confraternity. Owing to the large numbers who
have said that they wish to become members, it will not be possible to enrol everyone. It is suggested that, on this occasion, one
member from each family be enrolled. This evening, Heads of Guilds who interviewed you will be present to advise you what to do.
Make yourself known to them, please. By next month's meeting, it is hoped that there will be sufficient supplies of medals here for
5 August 1962
Eighth Sunday after Pentecost
  Some young people have the age-old custom of giving the first fruits of their labour to God. Recently, an offering was made, not of
the first day's pay but of the first week's pay. Such generosity does not pass unrewarded.
23 September 1962
Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost
  The Provost of the town is calling a meeting in the Lesser Town Hall on Tuesday evening at 7.30 pm. This is to form a Committee for
the Relief of Hunger. He asks the Clergy to encourage representation of this congregation. Surely there will be a good response.
14 October 1962
Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost
  Correction to Bulletin - There will be only one Mass during the week at 7.30 am.

3 February 1963
Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
  The redecoration of the Church cost £634. The cleaning of the brickwork cost £326 making a total of £960. A sum of £500 has been paid
by the Parish. There still remains £460, half of which is in the funds. Please help us to get the other half as quickly as possible.
2 April 1963
Palm Sunday
  There will be Confessions for Italians on Wednesday 10 April from 6.00 to 7.00 pm.

21 July 1963
Seventh Sunday after Pentecost
  The site for the Parish Hall has been cleared. Work will start on the
foundations this week. We know it is holiday time but an hour or two from
a number of men would make a big difference. The building could be
be ready in a few weeks. Come this week - afternoon or evening. Someone
will be there to direct the effort.

6 October 1963
Eighteenth Sunday after Epiphany
  Tomorrow, Monday, there will be a Solemn High Mass to mark the twenty-fifth year of the opening of this Church. The Mass will begin
at 11.30 am. A number of Priests have accepted invitations to attend.
13 October 1963
Nineteenth Sunday after Epiphany
  It would be good to let you know that all the Priests who attended the High Mass on Monday past remarked upon the big numbers of
people. If longer notice had been given, more no doubt, would have attended so once more you have given your Priests cause to be
20 October 1963
Twentieth Sunday after Epiphany
  The Universe and Catholic Times has been redesigned to carry colour pictures. The first issue will be on sale on Friday 25 October.

2 February 1964
Sexagesima Sunday
  You will see in the Bulletin that the second collection has been restarted for the Renovations Fund. Two of the Monstrances were
recently gilded. That is only one item upon which renovation has been done.
23 February 1964
Second Sunday in Lent
  A fire during the night has done some damage to the Main Building of Saint Peter's School. Classes cannot be held there for some
days. Classes will be held in the Ailsa Gardens Annexe and the Saltcoats Annexe. Information about the restart of classes in the Main
Building will be made in a few days time.
7 June 1964
Third Sunday after Pentecost
  Yesterday, the Parochial Hall got its first real test as a functional building. As a result, the Parochial Committee have asked that it be
publically announced their appreciation and gratitude to all those who laboured with such determination during the past months. It is
also right to thank the womenfolk for the encouragement they gave their men.
9 August 1964
Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost
  Regarding the Dance in the Church Hall, emphasis has been misunderstood. 'The young adults' are the people who should be most
anxious to make this dance a success. In the normal course, it is they who will benefit in the future. The word 'young' does not apply
to the word 'married'. All are invited - except children. Next Sunday, there will be a Bingo Session at the same hour.
27 September 1964
Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost
  Sister Hilda recently celebrated her fiftieth year in her religious order. It would be
proper for the Parish to recognise this event. There will be a special Mass on Monday
4 October at 10.00 am.

4 October 1964
Twentieth Sunday afer Pentecost
  Copies of the New Hymnal for Scotland are on sale at the Church Stall. The price is 5/- each.
Parochial diaries for the year 1965 are on sale at the Church Stall. The price is 6d.
18 October 1964
Twenty-Second Sunday after Pentecost
  The offerings given for Sister Hilda's Golden Jubilee amounted to £56-2-6. On behalf of Reverend Mother
and her Community we give very many thanks for this outstanding generosity. The Golden Jubilee was
marked in a golden way because you gave one guinea for every year and you even remembered to add the
interest. The donation is being used to raise a modest memorial stone at the Sisters' plot of ground in the

7 February 1965
Fifth Sunday after Epiphany
  There will be a Vernacular Mass on Thursday of this week at 7.45 pm. It is intended principally for the teachers of the area but
members of the Congregation will not be refused entrance. Tonight at the evening service, there will be another practice.
28 February 1965
Quinquagesima Sunday
  This is the last Sunday upon which announcements will be made from this book as a customary rule. Only for very special reasons
will announcements be made during Mass. All information will be in the Bulletin so keep it carefully.
21 March 1965
Third Sunday in Lent
  In the Vernacular Mass, there is a tendency for some people in the Congregation to hurry on to the next prayer. Please wait until the
Priest starts. It may be that he has to say a prayer in secret so please wait.
27 February 1966
First Sunday in Lent
  Very Reverend Michael Provost O'Connor of Saint Mary's Church, Saltcoats has died. His remains will be received into Saint Mary's
at 7.00 pm on Monday evening. His Funeral Mass will be in Saint Mary's on Tuesday at 11.00 am.
18 September 1966
Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost
  The Old People's Welfare committee have asked all Churches in the town for visitors - once a week in their time - for the old people
of Ardrossan. This is Christian charity in practice. There is a list on the notice board in the Church porch.