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BULLETIN                                          2 MAY 2021


Because of the coronavirus pandemic, public Church services and gatherings are limited till further notice.
Father Duncan will live-stream Holy Mass every day and assures you of his prayers for you and your family.

Jesus said to his disciples "I am the true vine and my Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in me that bears no fruit he cuts away and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes to make it bear even more. You are pruned already by means of the word that I have spoken to you. Make your home in me as I make mine in you. As a branch cannot bear fruit all by itself but must remain part of the vine, neither can you unless you remain in me. I am the vine, you are the branches. Whoever remains in me, with me in him, bears fruit in plenty. For cut off from me you can do nothing. Anyone who does not remain in me is like a branch that has been thrown away - he withers. These branches are collected and thrown on the fire and they are burnt. If you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask what you will and you shall get it. It is to the glory of my Father that you should bear much fruit and then you will be my disciples.

One of the distinctive features of Saint John's Gospel is the number of times Jesus says "I am …" In fact books have been written on the eight "I am" statements in the fourth gospel. Last week we heard him say "I am the Good Shepherd" and today he says "I am the true vine". Each of these statements is revealing something of Jesus and his Father and the mission of salvation in which he is engaged. Today, the image of the vine is all about fruit - after all, what is a vine without good grapes? How does a vine produce fruit? Only with a lot of intensive labour on behalf of the vinedresser who must prune and trim and care for the vine unceasingly - rather like the shepherd looking after his flock. The Father, who loves us, works within us through the Spirit, so that we may remain a part of Jesus, the true vine, and produce good fruit. It is by our choice and actions that we become 'disconnected branches', unable or unwilling to accept God's care and so can produce no fruit

If you are housebound or self-isolating at this time, please use these prayers to unite yourself with the worship of the Universal Church, and your own parish, this Sunday. If alone, read or say these prayers quietly to yourself. If with another, or in a family, someone should read the Gospel and others respond. It might be suitable to find a special, quiet place at home for your Sunday prayers.


Saint Peter's
All services are live-streamed and public by booking unless otherwise stated.
Saint Bride's Church, West Kilbride
All services are public by booking  unless otherwise stated.

Saturday 1 May  
Fifth Sunday of Easter  

Vigil Mass at 5.30pm for the special intention of Linda Kerr and Michael and Marie Ferguson at their anniversaries  
Sunday 2 May  
Fifth Sunday of Easter  
Holy Mass at 10.30am for our parishes Holy Mass at 12.15pm
Monday 3 May  
Feast of Saints Philip and  
Holy Mass 10.00am for the special intentions of Christine McFarland and Maureen  
Tuesday 4 May  

Holy Mass at 10.00am for Ted Kelly who died recently

Holy Mass at 10.00am
Wednesday 5 May  
Votive Mass of Saint Joseph at 10.00am for Helen Robertson and Agnes McHugh who both died recently
Thursday 6 May 
Feast of Saint Catherine of  
Holy Mass at 10.00am for Jim Watt and Cathie Slimman who both died recently
Friday 7 May 
Holy Mass at 10.00am for Father Gerard Bourke CSSR at his anniversary and Lina Gregoire who died recently
Holy Mass at 12 noon

Saturday 8 May  
Sixth Sunday of Easter  

Vigil Mass at 5.30pm for Ian McCormick and Helen McGee at their anniversaries  
Father Duncan is assisted by the retired priest, Father Gerry Hamill.

Saint Mary's Church, Saltcoats
All services are live-streamed and public by booking unless otherwise stated.
Saint John’s Church, Stevenston
All services are live-streamed and public by booking unless otherwise stated.

Saturday 1 May  
Fifth Sunday of Easter  

Vigil Mass at 4.30pm  
Sunday 2 May  
Fifth Sunday of Easter  
Holy Mass at 10.00am
Holy Mass at 11.30am
Monday 3 May  
Feast of Saints Philip and  
Tuesday 4 May  
Holy Mass at 10.00am
Holy Mass online at 11.30am for Saint Anthony's and Saint John's Schools
Wednesday 5 May  
  Holy Mass at 10.00am
Thursday 6 May 
Feast of Saint Catherine of  
Holy Mass at 10.00am  
Friday 7 May 
  Holy Mass at 10.00am

Saturday 8 May  
Sixth Sunday of Easter  

Vigil Mass at 4.30pm  
Canon Martin Poland is assisted by Father Benjamin Mkeri and Canon Matt McManus who is retired.

Please remember in your prayers:
Jim Boyle, Annie Watt, Sandra Wilson and Bill Holden;
Winnie McMillan, Rosa Carrino, Jim Watt, Cathie Slimman, Teddy Kelly, Ellen Robertson and Agnes McHugh (Ireland) who died recently;
Joe Arkison 2005, Sheila Folan 2010, Jean Nesbit 1999, Nettie Retzbach 2010, Ian Clarke 2005, Agnes Grogan 1954, Anne Howieson 2011, Sadie Leslie 2013, John Ross 2020, Pat Breen senior 2018, Bobby Macnamara 1961, Steve McKinnon 2004, Greta Sudlow 2014, James Timmons 1982, Charlie Townsley 2014, Mary Barclay 2009, Kathleen Findlay 1996, William Hilferty 1943, Harry Hissey 1976, Robert Hunter 1956, John, Irene and Patrick McKelvey, James McEvoy 1964, Helen McGee, Patrick McGuire, Robbie McKechan 2014, Patricia McPadden 2004, Robert Stewart 2002, Jean Agostini 1978, Josephine Brady 1953, Josephine Cunningham 2000, Margaret Long 1999, Margaret O'Neill 2009, Margaret Stevens 2007, Williamina (Wilshie) Boyle 2014, Annie Hilferty 1959, Simon Smyth 2001 and Esther Tumilty 2020
whose anniversaries occur at this time and those who are sick.
If deceased members of your family are not on our anniversary list, please tell Father Duncan
, the parish office or contact If members of your family or friends are in need of our prayers, please tell Father Duncan or the parish office.

Witness involves openness of heart, capacity for dialogue and reciprocity, willingness to recognise the signs of goodness and of God's presence in the people one meets. God comes towards us from within the very hearts of those to whom the Gospel is communicated. He is always the first to arrive. Recognition of the primacy of grace is fundamental in evangelisation, right from the first moment. The disciples of Jesus, sharing life with all, bear witness even without words to the joy of the Gospel that elicits questions. Witness, which is always expressed as respectful dialogue, at the appropriate time, becomes proclamation.
                   Directory of Catechism 32

In a new Apostolic Letter entitled With A Father’s Heart, Pope Francis describes Saint Joseph as a beloved father, a tender and loving father, an obedient father, an accepting father, a father who is creatively courageous, a working father, a father in the shadows. The Letter marks the 150th anniversary of Blessed Pope Pius IX’s declaration of Saint Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church. To celebrate the anniversary, Pope Francis has proclaimed a special Year Of Saint Joseph, beginning on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception 2020 and extending to the same feast in 2021. The Holy Father wrote With A Father’s Heart against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic which, he says, has helped us see more clearly the importance of 'ordinary' people who, though far from the limelight, exercise patience and offer hope every day. In this, they resemble Saint Joseph, 'the man who goes unnoticed, a daily, discreet and hidden presence', who nonetheless played 'an incomparable role in the history of salvation'.

We are delighted to announce the wedding of Helen Skimming and Andrew Turnbull on Saturday 8 May at 2.00pm in Saint Peter's. We wish them both a love for a lifetime.

The offertory collections last weekend amounted to £157.00 at Saint Bride's and £572.94 at Saint Peter's - many thanks.

My Jesus, I believe that you are present in this Holy Sacrament of the altar. I love you above all things and I passionately desire to receive you into my soul. Since I cannot now receive you sacramentally, come spiritually into my soul so that I may unite myself wholly to you now and forever. Amen.


When you've trusted Jesus and walked his way
When you've felt his hand lead you day by day
But your steps now take you another way - start over
When you've made your plans and they've gone awry
      When you've tried your best and there's no more try
      When you've failed yourself and you don't know why - start over
When you've told your friends what you plan to do
When you've trusted them and they didn't come through
And now you're all alone and it's up to you - start over
      When you've failed your kids and they're grown and gone
      When you've done your best but it's turned out wrong
      And now your grandchildren have come along - start over
When you've prayed to God so you'll know his will
When you've prayed and prayed and you don't know still
When you want to stop cause you've had your fill - start over
      When you think you're finished and want to quit
      When you've bottomed out in life's deepest pit
      When you've tried and tried to get out of it - start over
When the year has been long and successes few
When December comes and you're feeling blue
God gives a January just for you - start over
Starting over means Victories Won
      Starting over means A Race Well Run
      Starting over means The Lords' Will Be Done
      We need not just sit there - start over

   • Teacher - Why are you late?
     Student - Class started before I got here.
   • Teacher - John, why are you doing your maths multiplication on the floor?
     John - You told me to do it without using tables.
   • Teacher - Glenn, how do you spell 'crocodile?'
     Glenn - K-R-O-K-O-D-I-A-L
     Teacher - No, that's wrong.
     Glenn - Maybe it is wrong, but you asked me how I spell it. I love this child.
   • Teacher - Glen, why do you always get so dirty?
     Glenn - Well, I'm a lot closer to the ground than you are.
   • Teacher - George Washington not only chopped down his father's cherry tree, but also admitted it. Now, Louis, do you know why his father didn't punish him?
     Louis - Because George still had the axe in his hand.

Mass from the Church of Our Lady and Saint Andrew in Galashiels will be broadcast on BBC Scotland at 12 noon on Sunday 2 May. The broadcast can be viewed on the channel 108 on Freeview and YouView, 115 on Sky, 106 on Freesat and later on iPlayer. By viewing or downloading you will be supporting efforts by Scottish Catholic Media Office to commission Catholic programming in future.

Commenting on the recent decision by the Irish Government to enact restrictions which do not allow public worship, the President of the Bishops' Conference of Scotland, Bishop Hugh Gilbert has issued the following statement.
As the Catholic Church in Scotland this year celebrates the 1500th Anniversary of the birth of Saint Columba who brought the faith from Ireland to Scotland in the sixth century, the thoughts and prayers of the Church in Scotland are now directed to our brothers and sisters in Ireland. Recent developments that penalise the celebration of Holy Mass have been disturbing, not only to the Irish Bishops' Conference, but also to the Bishops of Scotland. We all recognise the need for restrictions to protect the common good of all people in a pandemic but to enact legislation that criminalises those who gather to celebrate Holy Mass is indeed extreme and unjust. May the strong bonds between the Catholic Church in Ireland and Scotland established by Saint Patrick, Saint Columba, the Celtic saints and the faith of our forebears reassure our brothers and sisters in Ireland that they are not alone and are always in our prayers.

Please hand in all SCIAF boxes and donations by 4 May as for SCIAF to benefit from the Government Scheme they need to be in the SCIAF account by 7 May. Thank you.

If a member of your family or a friend is sick, please let us know and give us the details. Deacon Bill Corbett (01292 521208, 07904 248948, is the Chaplain to Crosshouse Hospital and is assisted by the Priest on call each week.

Our advertisers would welcome your support. We are grateful for their continuing sponsorship. We are grateful for the support of Mr and Mrs Sohal, Nisa Stores, Glasgow Street for the weekly donation of tea, coffee and milk for the Sunday teas.

The Catholic Church in Scotland is concerned with the lives, safety, wholeness and well-being of each individual person within God's purpose for everyone. It seeks to safeguard the welfare of people of all ages who are involved in whatever capacity
with the Church and its organisations. As a Church community, we accept that it is the responsibility of all of us, ordained, professed, paid and voluntary members, to work together to prevent the physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect of children, young people and vulnerable adults.