May I thank everyone for their concern and prayers after my recent heart attack? Could I ask you to pass on my thanks to the many people in the Diocese who have been praying for me. The prayers have been working, since I am feeling fine.

I am very grateful to the National Health Service and the healthcare professionals who ensured speedy treatment. I was taken straight to Hairmyres Hospital where a team was waiting for me and immediately put a stent in the artery that had narrowed. Since then I have had no pain and I expect to make a full recovery. I was shown a before and after picture of the now unblocked artery - and if it took sixty plus years for that artery to become blocked, I am hopeful it will stay unblocked for another sixty.

The rehab nurse will see me again in hospital in six weeks time. She does not want me to do much till then. I am following orders, taking it easy and gradually increasing my activity day by day. In the meantime I will stay in Motherwell to recuperate.

I am sorry that I will miss the pilgrimage to Whithorn and other celebrations over the next few weeks, but I look forward to being back in the Diocese, fully fit, as soon as possible.

Bishop William Nolan
19 August 2016