To commemorate the Golden Jubilee, a Grand Supper Dance was held in the Civic Centre, Glasgow Street, Ardrossan on Saturday 8 October 1988. Music was provided by the Pavilion Big Band.

People who attended the dance included:
  Leslie Aitken (-2010)
  Harry Anderson
  Billy and Celia Andrew
  Jean Booth
  Benet and Elsie Brodie
  Benet and Karen Brodie
  Danny (1923-1988) and Mary Brown
  Anne Bull
  Bernard and Mary Carlin
  Johnny and Lila Clark
  John and Moira Connor
  Mary Dalziel
  Joe (-2005) and Rose Doyle
  Robert (1930-2005) and Chrissie Ferguson (1925-2006)
  Gavin (-2007) and Margaret (-2010) Finnegan
  Michael and Rena Fitzpatrick
  Bert Gilmour
  Margaret Harvey
  Michael and Sally Hastings
  Ronnie and Janis Hayes
  George and Maria Hilferty
  Hugh and Catherine Kerr
  Gerry Long (1923-1993)
  Father Michael Lynch
  Jim (1934-1999) and Mary Mathieson
  Ian and Anne McCormick
  Gerry and Anne McCulloch
  Denis and Catherine (1924-1996) McDermott
  Jim and Marion McDermott
  George and Anne McGrattan
  Tom and Anne McGrattan
  Andy (1918-2000) and Oonagh McVeigh (1928-2011)
  Bobby and Liz McVeigh
  John and Anne McVeigh
  Louise McVeigh
  Felix (1922-1994) and Margaret Quigg
  Harry Quigg (1916-1998)
  Harry and Myriame Sammons
  Robert and Veronica Stevenson
  Jim and Eileen Watkins

If you know of anyone else sho should be included in the above list, please contact