On 2 July 1981, Peter Gerard Magee became the third priest to be ordained in the Church of Saint Peter in Chains. To celebrate this event, Monsignor Magee returned to Saint Peter's on 2 July 2006 for a Silver Jubilee Mass. He concelebrated with Bishop Maurice Taylor who ordained him twenty-five years ago, Monsignor Philip Kerr, Father John Maendeleo, Father Willie McFadden, Father Matt McManus, Father Stephen Motroni and Father George Thomson.

During his homily, he made reference to the influence that the priests and parishioners of Saint Peter's had on his decision to become a priest.

Monsignor Magee also made an Act of Renewal of Priestly Commitment.

The photograph shows Monsignor Magee surrounded by his family, Bishop Maurice Taylor and Father Matt McManus after Mass to celebrate twenty-five years of his Priesthood on 2 July 2006. This and other photographs of the Silver Jubilee celebration are on the Pictures page.