With effect from 17 July, Sunday Mass in Saint Peter's will be at 10.30am and in Saint Bride's at 12.15pm. The Vigil Mass at Saint Bride's is discontinued and the Vigil Mass at Saint Peter's will be at the normal time of 5.30pm. Weekday Masses in Saint Peter's will be on Monday to Saturday at 10.00am. Saint Bride's will also have a weekday Mass - on Fridays at 12 noon. All Masses in Saint Peter's will be live-streamed.

Saint Peter's Masses on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10.00am, on Saturdays at 5.30pm and on Sundays at 10.30am will be public Masses. Masses in Saint Bride's on Fridays at 12 noon and Sundays at 12.15pm will also be public. Public Masses start on Friday 17 July. Saint Bride's will still open on Wednesdays between 11.30am and 12.30pm for private prayer.

With mandatory social distancing, Saint Bride's can hold around twenty-four places and Saint Peter's fifty. Families and couples can sit together. The Bishops have suspended the Sunday Obligation until the pandemic passes. Places are very restricted so, if possible, please attend one of the weekday Masses if you can and leave the Vigil and Sunday Masses for those who can only come at the weekend. We are strictly limited to the number of people allowed in Church at any one time.

Collection donations can be given at any Mass in the plastic buckets provided - Offertory Collection on entry and Maintenance Fund Collection on exit.

The procedures for coming to Church are as follows - wear a face covering, enter by front door, use the sanitising wipes and remain in the seat allocated by the stewards. After receiving Holy Communion at the end of Mass, please leave by the side door. We are waiting for clarification about the requirement for contact details. There are no toilet facilities. If you require wheelchair access, please let the stewards know and they will assist you

These measures cause a great deal of inconvenience, extra work and preparation. However, it is the price we have to pay to return to our Church and receive the sacraments as long as the pandemic endures. Please reassure any apprehensive parishioners that the Church is safe for public worship. We have regular procedures for cleaning and the entire Church building is sanitised before and after use each time.