The Crisis and Health Rosary eBook, which has been uploaded to the Documents page, aims at helping the faithful to contemplate the Gospel with Mary, our Mother, in the light of a world in crisis generated by Covid-19 and open our hearts to the hope of the Good News of Jesus Christ. You will find real testimonies from people affected by the pandemic, in several ways. The writers, members of Vatican Covid-19 Commission, intended to guide the prayer by linking some of the painful and struggling stories of people from all over the world with the contemplation of the different mysteries of the Rosary.

These are times of suffering, division and uncertainty. But at the same time, this challenging moment is an opportunity to change and to prepare a healthier future. With our gaze fixed on Jesus and contemplating the luminous, sorrowful, joyous and glorious mysteries of His life, we can embrace the hope of the Kingdom of God that opens us to new horizons. Guided by the Virgin Mary, who knew how to keep things in her suffering heart, let us gather together in prayer while we work for the wellbeing of people, institutions and the planet. The Church’s common action in the face of this pandemic finds its source in prayer, in the service of Christ's mission. This meditative Rosary can help many people in these moments of crisis because Mary, our Mother, is a powerful ally to look up to with hope at the times to come.