There’s an insatiable hunger inside of us, put there by Jesus, so that through all the ups and downs, joys and sorrows, pleasures and pain of this world we’ll always want him more than anything - and right now he’s calling us to make this Lent a special time of grace and spiritual growth. We’re here to help. Sign up for our daily Lenten Reflections, starting on Ash Wednesday, so that together we can develop a deeper understanding of what it is we truly hunger for and spend the days between now and Easter on a transformative spiritual journey through the depths of your soul and into the merciful, loving heart of Jesus. The Reflections will begin on Ash Wednesday and end on Easter Sunday. These brief, personal reflections will give you simple ways to bring Jesus into your everyday life. Ash Wednesday is right around the corner - so don’t delay! Just send us your email address to and begin receiving the Lenten Reflections.