Building Fund Committee
July 1933

It is likely that the photograph above of members the Building Fund Committee was taken on 15 or 17 July 1933 during a fundraising gala. It was taken in front of the Pavilion which was then in a state of disrepair. From top left to bottom right, the people are Bessie Brown neé Tonner (1886-1950), Willie Tumilty (1896-1980), Terry Murphy (1912-1989), Jimmy Monan (1906-1969) and Peter McEvoy (1906-1968); Jane Tumilty neé McIntyre (1896-1984) - Willie Tumilty's wife, Helen Neilson neé Tracey (1890-1971), Tommy McCann (1898-1976) with his son Eddie (1929- ) and Bella McIntyre later Lindsay (1907 - ) - Jane Tumilty's sister.