Procession in Church Grounds
1945 or 1946

The man holding the front right pole is George Pollock (1902-1950) and the man with the front left pole is Terry Murphy (1912-1989). The man behind George Pollock holding the right middle pole is John McLaughlan (1906-1982). The man behind Terry Murphy without a pole is Jimmy McGrattan (1911-1982). From left to right, the first altar server with the thurible is not known. The others are Jack McGowan (1938-2011) holding a bell and Billy Teggart (1934-1993). The priest wearing the surplice and soutane is Father, later Monsignor, John MacQuillan (1889-1970) of Saint John's Church, Stevenston. The next servers are Seamus Cunningham, James or John Costello, James Monan and Liam Cunningham both holding candles, Jim Donnelly and Charles Kennedy (1933-1995).