In 1983, Jacky and Jeanette McMurdo, went on holiday to Germany. They had an overnight stay at a hotel in Braubach and became friendly with the owners, Gerhard and Rita Maass, and other local people. Every year since, they have returned to the same hotel in Braubach.

In September 2007, Jacky and Jeanette were presented with a plaque bearing the Braubach coat of arms and a certificate to mark the twenty-five years of visits.

Over the years, there have been reciprocal visits from their German hosts to Scotland. Jacky's and Jeanette's visits have extended to family and friends and on one occasion they filled two buses.

On 30 April 2008, Gerhard and Rita accompanied by
Maennerensemble Unerhoert, a choir from Osterspai near Braubach started a four day visit to Scotland.

Among other hymns, the choir sang the Gloria and Sanctus at the Vigil Mass on 3 May. After the service, Ian Clarkson, Depute Provost of North Ayrshire Council, made a presentation to Gerhard and Rita to commemorate the twenty-five years of friendship as shown in the photograph on the right. This was followed by a concert in the Parish Centre featuring the Isle of Cumbrae Royal British Legion (Scotland) Pipe Band, George McGrattan and Michael McCulloch, Ciorstan Templeton, Ciaran Sinclair,
Monica Taylor and Margaret Swiercz. The main entertainers were, of course, Unerhört whose singing talent was warmly appreciated by the audience.

More photographs of Unerhört are on the Pictures page.